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Links to Useful Online Christian Resources

This page links to a number of other pages that link to sites on the Internet. These are the types of links that I think would be useful to provide on a congregational web site to provide information and navigational aids. You are welcome to copy these links and use them as you wish. Do not link to this page, because I cannot guarantee how long it will be online.

PLEASE NOTE: I have used or surveyed all the web sites linked on this page. I.e., the links all worked when I first posted this thing on 1/24/2003, and I do regularly try to update and fix the links. (Latest: 2006.03) This does not mean, however, that I am providing a blanket endorsement to everything that you may find on the sites. In general, however, these are all quality sites which represent the best of mainline Protestant Christianity on the Internet. (The Post-Modern and Online Christianity links may be the exception.) I have not included sites which I don't think are worthwhile, but I am also sure that there are lots of other excellent sites out there that I have failed to mention. (The page of World Religions, Theology... links is the weakest of the bunch here.) If you know of a quality site, let me know, and I will add it to these pages. My email address is: