A Minute in the Morning

İMark G. Vitalis Hoffman 2.25.00


This script may be freely used, copied, modified, and performed as long as my copyright and the CrossMarks.com link remain connected with it. You may print this web page or download the MSWord DOC file. A short email note of thanks would be nice too!  orders@crossmarks.com 

Daily devotions are doable with the DailyTexts! In the midst of a hectic morning routine, the family can come together to hear the Word of God. The DailyTexts feature brief readings from the Old and New Testament and a prayer. A minute in the morning can set the tone for the rest of the day.



The only props needed will be 8 chairs, an alarm/bell, and a DailyTexts devotional book. Four chairs should be located as if around a kitchen table near the center of the set. The other four chairs function as beds and should be located in three spots for the master bedroom and the two kids’ bedrooms. A spot on the set should be designated as the location of the imaginary bathroom with its mirror.

The scene begins with the four characters slouched in their beds/chairs pretending to be asleep.

Narrator reads first paragraph in normal tone at normal pace. Once the bell sounds, narrator should read quite quickly as if broadcasting a horse race. Take a quick, audible, deep breath between each paragraph.

Motions should be exaggerated since everything is done without props.

Good morning, race fans, and welcome to Household Downs for the daily running of the Smith Family Sprint. Big Daddy and Sister Sally have established themselves as the pre-race favorites followed by Yo’ Mama. Buddy Boy is the longshot. The course is in normal condition which means that we expect the usual hectic race.

sound of alarm bell
And there’s the bell. Big Daddy takes an early lead as expected heading into the bathroom. Sister Sally appears to be thinking about getting up. Yo’ Mama and Buddy Boy have not yet moved.

at sound of bell,
BD rises quickly and moves to bathroom, pretends to be shaving
SS makes gestures of trying to wake up
YM and BB remain asleep


As we head into the five minute mark, Big Daddy is getting dressed and has extended his lead ahead of the pack. Sister Sally is moving into the bathroom. Yo’ Mama and Buddy Boy have not yet moved. No, wait. Yes, Yo’ Mama is moving. Yes, she is definitely moving. Buddy Boy is now dead last still dead asleep.

BD returns to bedroom, quick motions of getting dressed, tying tie, etc
SS moves to bathroom and begins combing hair, putting on makeup, etc
At cue, YM begins to sit up a bit, yawn, stretch; BB does not move


At the fifteen minute mark, Big Daddy appears to have taken a nearly insurmountable lead as he heads for the kitchen. Sister Sally seems to have stalled in the bathroom. Yo’ Mama is trailing far behind but is… almost on her feet. Buddy Boy has not yet moved.

BD moves to kitchen, gestures of fixing coffee, getting cereal
SS continues in bathroom
YM slowly comes to standing position, sits back down
BB does not move


At the twenty-five minute mark, Big Daddy has simply outclassed this field and is far ahead in the kitchen with the paper and his coffee. Yo’ Mama has slightly gained on Sister Sally who has not yet moved from the bathroom. Buddy Boy has not … Oh, wait, wait! Big Daddy has just taken a spill. Yes, he has spilled his coffee on his shirt and pants. He is moving quickly, but he is not making progress. He was running so well. This has to be a big disappointment for him as he backtracks to the bedroom. He seems to have disturbed Buddy Boy who is now moving! Sister Sally is still in the bathroom, and Yo’ Mama has now taken the lead and is heading for the kitchen.

BD takes a seat at a table chair, gestures of drinking coffee, reading paper
YM up and moving
SS still in bathroom
BD pretends to spill coffee on self, jumps and dances around responding to hot coffee
BD goes back to bedroom; as he goes past BB, gestures of knocking on BB’s door and yelling at him to get up, blows kiss to YM as he crosses path with her
BB starts to get up and pulls on shirt
SS still in bathroom
YM slowly making way to kitchen


At the thirty-five minute mark, Buddy Boy is the surprising leader. This kid has come out of nowhere to charge ahead of the pack. It appears as if he may have slept in his clothes, but he is definitely leading the field as he eats what looks to be cold pizza. Yo’ Mama is making her way to the coffee pot and Big Daddy is quickly catching up and challenging her for second. Sister Sally is still in the bathroom and has fallen off the pace.

BB goes to kitchen, looks around in frig, pretends to eat something, and brings more to eat at table as he sits down
YM in kitchen and pours coffee for self
BD quickly moving to kitchen
SS still in bathroom


We are now at the forty minute mark, and there is a heated battle for the lead in the kitchen. Buddy Boy is ahead by a pop tart. Big Daddy has overtaken Yo’ Mama who appears to be faltering. And here comes Sister Sally out of the bathroom! She looks mah’velous and is making a charge to the kitchen now.

BB seated, still eating
BD seated, drinking coffee (carefully!) and reading paper
YM leaning on counter and almost falling asleep
SS moving to kitchen


What an exciting race here at the forty-five minute mark! Buddy Boy fell off the lead when he made a move for his second bowl of cereal. Big Daddy has once again emerged as a narrow leader followed closely by Sister Sally. The coffee appears to be starting to take an effect on Yo’ Mama who is catching up to Sister Sally.

all are seated at kitchen table
BB still eating
BD reading, occasionally checks watch
SS eating
YM more alert

As we move to the final turn, … wait, there seems to be a pause in the action. Yo’ Mama has called a timeout.


YM: Say, since we’re all here, Sally, would you please read the DailyTexts this morning?

SS: (picking up DailyTexts book and reading from it) Okay, what’s today? Oh, yeah. Wednesday the 24th. Here we are. "Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord God you have an everlasting rock." Isaiah 26.4. And the New Testament passage is Mark 9.23. "Jesus said, ‘All things can be done for the one who believes."

BD: Do you see the connection between the two passages?

BB: Well, they both talk about trusting or believing in God.

YM: Good, Buddy. And that God will be like, what did it say: an everlasting rock we can always count on.

BB: Yeah. God rocks!

SS: (looking quizzically at BB) Whatever.

BD: God rocks? I’m trusting that’s a good thing. And it’s a good reminder that we can trust in God for what’s best in work or school or whatever.

SS: Here’s the prayer: O Lord, sometimes I feel like I am bogged down in the mud. Remind me that you are the rock of my salvation, and that your good and gracious will is done for those who believe you. Amen.

BD: Thanks, Sally. And I do believe I shall make it to work on time today if I get going right now.

And they’re off again. Big Daddy has charged into the lead. Sister Sally appears to be heading back to the bathroom. Buddy Boy has fallen into second while Yo’ Mama is dropping back …

BD rises, puts on coat, moves offstage
SS back to bathroom
BB still eating
YM starts reading paper