1. Read the headings in Mark 1:16-39.

  2. Find the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, and Galilee on the map.

  3. Highlight verses 17, 24, and 34 of chapter 1.

  4. Read Mark 1:21-39

  5. Consider the following questions.

Why do you think Simon, Andrew, James, and John "immediately" left everything and followed Jesus? (1:16-20) How do you think Zebedee felt?

What things have you left behind in order to follow Jesus? How have you become someone who "fishes for people"?

What does it mean when the people say that Jesus taught "with authority"? (1:22 and 27)

Who makes the more profound confession of who Jesus is: the people or the unclean spirit? (1:21-27)

FYI: The Jewish days were measured from sunset to sunset. A person was not to do any work on a Sabbath day (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset). That's why in 1:32 people waited until sunset to bring the sick to Jesus.

Why does Jesus not let the demons speak and declare who he is? (1:34)

What surprises you most about Jesus' praying: the time? the place? that the disciples didn't know where he was? that Jesus had to pray at all? (1:35-39)

What is the "deserted place" in your life where you can meditate?