1. Read the headings in Mark 16:1-8.

  2. Find Galilee on the map of Palestine.

  3. Highlight verses 6-8 of chapter 16.

  4. Read Mark 16:1-8.

  5. Consider the following questions.

When did the women go to the tomb?  "When the ___________ was over..." (16:1)  How might this be significant?  Look again at the stories in 1:21, 2:23, 3:2, and 6:2.

Why did the women go to the tomb?  (16:1 - Be sure to remember what happened in 14:8.)  Were they doing a good deed?  Or should they have known better than to go to the tomb?

Why is Peter mentioned specifically in 16:7?

FYI: The best and oldest manuscripts of the Gospel of Mark end after verse 8. Your Bible probably notes that later on there were two additional endings--a shorter and a longer--appended after verse 8.

We are now at the end of this amazing story that Mark tells which he calls the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  (1:1)  But how does it end?  The women "said nothing to anyone because they were afraid."  If the women don't tell the story who is going to tell it???  (The answer is the same as Jesus' first two words in 14:62.)