1. Read the headings in Mark 15:21-41.

  2. Find Golgotha on the map of Jerusalem.

  3. Highlight verses 26, 34, 37, and 39 of chapter 15.

  4. Read Mark 15:21-41.

  5. Consider the following questions.

This is the most information we get about Simon of Cyrene in the whole Bible. (15:21) How do you imagine him? How do you think he felt when compelled to carry Jesus' cross? (Did he literally fulfill Jesus' words in 8:34?) Do you think he became a Christian?

What was Pilate's point in placing the title "King of the Jews" on the cross? Did Pilate

  • really believe Jesus was the King of the Jews?

  • want Jesus' accusers to realize what a terrible thing they had done?

  • want to warn everyone else who had ambitions to be king?

  • proclaim the truth without even knowing it?

Compare 15:27 with 10:37! Then read Jesus' words again in 10:38. What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus?

Read verse 34. With what tone do you hear Jesus pronounce these words: despair, bewilderment, anger, submission...? In what way was Jesus forsaken by God? In what way can this cry of Jesus be taken as an affirmation of faith?

Where were you when President Kennedy died? Where were you (spiritually) when Jesus died for you?

How much did the centurion know about Jesus? What was it about Jesus' death that he "saw"? What was the tone of his statement?

  • Yeah, right. Truly this guy was God's son.

  • Oh, my God. Truly this man was God's son!