1. Read the headings in Mark 15:6-20.

  2. Highlight verse 13 of chapter 15.

  3. Read Mark 15:6-20.

  4. Consider the following questions.

What insights into human nature does this story offer.  How could the people so quickly change from calling "Hosanna!" (11:9-10) to "Crucify him!"  (15:13-14)

In this story, when have you been like:

  • Pilate: abandoning your convictions in order to keep the peace

  • Jesus: consistently matching your actions with your convictions regardless of the consequences

  • the people: easily manipulated and giving in to peer pressure

  • Barabbas: messed up but really lucky

What brutal mockery have you witnessed or read about?  How did it make you feel toward the person mocked?  Did you do anything?

The soldiers are incredibly vicious towards Jesus.  How do you account for their inhumanity? How do you account for all the inhumanity with which people have treated others throughout history?

For whom or what would you suffer?  To what extent?