1. Read the headings in Mark 10:17-31.

  2. Highlight verses 21, 25, 27, and 31 of chapter 10.

  3. Read Mark 10:17-31.

  4. Consider the following questions.

In 10:17 what was the man's assumption about how someone gains eternal life?

Upon hearing the man's rather confident (smug?) reply in 10:20, what was your feeling towards him?  What was Jesus' feeling toward him?  (10:21)

What two-part command does Jesus tell the man he needs to keep?

  • Go, ____ what you own, and ______ the money to poor...

  • Then come, ___________ me.

Which of these would be easier to do?  Which would be harder to keep on doing?

Read the explanation to the Seventh Commandment in Luther's Small Catechism

If Jesus said to you, "You lack one thing," to what would he most likely point?  How would you feel if Jesus said, "This has got to go."

FYI: The disciples are perplexed in 10:23 because they shared the common understanding that wealth was a sign of God's favor. See Proverbs 8:20-21.

Where have we heard the thought of verse 27 before?  (Look back to 9:23 and then ahead to 14:36!)

In what way have you as a Christian received a hundredfold now and with the promise of eternal life still to come? (10:29-30)