1. Read the headings in Mark 9:30-50.

  2. Find Galilee and Capernaum on the map.

  3. Highlight verses 35, 37, 40, 41, and 50 of chapter 9.

  4. Read Mark 9:30-50.

  5. Consider the following questions.

Jesus has been talking more and more about his death.  (8:31; 9:9, 31)  What have the disciples been arguing about?  (10:34)

Why does Jesus use a child as an example to make his point?  What is the surprising outcome of the act of welcoming a child? (9:36-37)

What is so ironic about 9:38 in light of 9:18?

How has your hand ever caused you to sin? (9:43)
How has your foot ever caused you to sin? (9:45)
How has your eye ever caused you to sin? (9:47)

What sacrifices have you made for your spiritual well-being?

How do you have "salt" in yourself?  Do you keep your "salt" in a shaker, or do you shake it around? (9:50)