1. Read the headings in Mark 8:1-26.

  2. Find Dalmanutha and Bethsaida on the map.

  3. Highlight verses 6 and 12 of chapter 8.

  4. Read Mark 8:1-26.

  5. Consider the following questions.

After having seen Jesus feed the crowd of 5000 men in 6:30-44, how can the disciples be so stupid as to wonder about how a crowd of 4000 people can be fed?  (8:2-4)  In what ways so far have the disciples in Mark's Gospel been or not been role models for us?

For what kind of "sign" were the Pharisees looking?  What kind of "sign" would be necessary today to persuade people about Jesus?

In 8:1-26, who is the most "blind"?  The blind man, the disciples, or the Pharisees?  In what area of your own life do you need the most enlightenment?

The disciples were to beware of the "yeast" of the Pharisees and of Herod.  What "yeast" do you most need to beware of?

Compare and contrast the healing of the blind man in 8:22-26 with the healing of the deaf man in 7:31-37.