1. Read the headings in Mark 6:14-29.

  2. Read Mark 6:14-29.

  3. Consider the following questions.

Why might some people think that Jesus was Elijah?  (6:15)  Read 1 Kings 17:16-24 as an example of something Elijah did that might remind you of Jesus.

FYI: How could people account for miraculous powers in ancient times?  One theory was that the spirit of someone who had died prematurely, especially by a violent death, came back and possessed someone and gave them special powers.  This explains why some people thought Jesus was John the Baptist raised from the dead.

Which of the following descriptions provides the essential characterization of Herod?

  • henpecked by his wife Herodias (6:17-18)

  • trying to be God fearing (6:20)

  • a real party guy (6:21-22)

  • makes stupid promises (6:23)

  • keeps his word (6:26)

  • doesn't know when he's made a big mistake (6:26)

Is Herod to be commended for keeping his promise?  (6:26)  Or is he to be condemned for doing so?  When is it right or wrong to break a promise you have made?

If you could have one wish granted to you, what would it be?