1. Read the headings in Mark 5:1-20.

  2. Find the Sea of Galilee, Gerasa, and the Decapolis.

  3. Highlight verses 7 and 19 of chapter 5.

  4. Read Mark 5:1-20.

  5. Consider the following questions.

Is "The Bay of Pigs Disaster" a good title for this story?  Why or why not? Can you suggest a better title?

Today, if Jesus had cured such a demon-possessed man like the one in the story (5:1-20), what would people think?

  • Quick, get the TV crew from Rescue 911!

  • It's amazing what some of these new drugs can do.

  • Jesus is just a fake.  The whole thing was probably rigged.

  • People would be afraid and ask Jesus to leave town.  (5:17)

After the man was healed, he begged Jesus that he might be with him.  Why do you think Jesus refused his request?  (5:18-20)

With whom do you identify in the story? Why?

  • Jesus

  • the demon-possessed man

  • the pig-herders and villagers

  • the pigs

DID YOU KNOW that this is another symbol for Jesus? The X part of the symbol is the Greek letter which comes into English as "CH." The P part of the symbol is actually the Greek letter for our "R." So, if you put the two together, you get the start of the word:

C H R _ _ _
No doubt you can figure out what the last three letters are!