Pray this Way

A Study of the Lord's Prayer

Session 1: What's in a Name?

Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman

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  1. Is the Lord's Prayer a public or a private prayer? How does the context in Matthew help clarify this question? How does the first word of the prayer help?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of just knowing and praying one version of the Lord's Prayer?
  3. How do you interpret Jesus' saying, "Pray this way" (as compared to, "Pray these words")?
  4. Is there anything significant about praying to "Our Father"? Is it possible to pray to God as "Our Mother"?
  5. When has the Lord's Prayer been important for you in your life?
  6. Literally, the prayer says, "Let your name be hallowed..." Who is to hallow God's name? Does it mean God is to hallow the name among us? Or does it mean we are to hallow God's name?
  7. How do you hallow God's name in your life or how is God's name being hallowed in your life?
  8. In Matthew 6.7-8, Jesus says that God knows our needs even before we pray them. Why then should we bother to pray at all? (Hint: Luther's explanations may suggest some ways.)


To improve your prayer life, understand that it's not meant to be just a time to "put all your begs in one ask it!"

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